It’s May, y’all! AND Mother’s Day week. AND Foster Care Awareness Month. AND we’re nearing the sun-soaked days of summer—which often means extra time with the younger humans in our lives.

And that’s why we’re THRILLED to have Amanda Torres as our guest today at The Messy Table. Sharing the unexpected messes and mercies of motherhood with LaTonya Pratt and Jenn Jewell, Amanda’s shedding light on the challenging-yet-meaningful work of biological, foster, and adoptive mamas.

“God’s faithful to prepare your heart for what He’s asking you to do.”  —Amanda Torres

Honest, witty, and down to earth, you’ll want to be Amanda’s friend by the end of the conversation. Join us!

Listen HERE.



Oklahoma Fosters | Amanda’s Arbonne Business

Jesus the King by Timothy Keller | Waking the Dead by John Eldrege

The 7 Decisions by Andy Andrews | Garden City by John Mark Comer

God Behind Bars | Tulsa Women and Children’s Center

Blue Letter Bible | YouVersion | The Bible App for Kids

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No matter what, you are not alone.