How does someone survive unspeakable loss? How does a marriage push through impossible pain? How can a person still find hope in the face of their worst nightmare?

Levi + Jennie Lusko, founders and pastors of Fresh Life Church, are all too familiar with tragedy—losing their five-year-old daughter, Lenya, to a fatal asthma attack just a few days before Christmas in 2012. Yet their faith is shockingly stronger and sweeter than ever before.

“Heaven is nearer than it seems.”  —Jennie Lusko

Today at The Messy Table, Amy Groeschel and I are chatting with Jennie about her journey through grief, as well as her unshakeable hope and the not-so-far-off reality of heaven. Jennie is warm and gracious, offering her unique vantage point and refining our own eternal perspectives. Join us!


Books: Heaven: Your Real Home | What’s It Like to Be Married to Me?

Through the Eyes of a Lion | Swipe Right | I Declare War

Resources: Fresh Life Church | Elevation Church

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