How do you keep moving forward when life isn’t going as planned? According to Michelle Meisner—a wife, boy mom, and long-time staff member at Life.Church who loves Crossfit and poetry; who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in her mid 20s—you must “embrace the traction.”

Michelle has faced some significant challenges in her adult life: an autoimmune disease, secondary infertility, a heartbreaking miscarriage (after a long road of trying), a last-minute failed adoption (with a nursery at home that was stocked and decorated with pink), a successful adoption (that is, by nature, still accompanied by some uniquely hard things), and the everyday trials and inconveniences that can leave any one of us feeling weary.

“You have to go through the hard thing to get better, so sometimes the best thing you can do is just not stop showing up.”  Michelle Meisner

And yet, Michelle has developed a grit, resilience, and tenacity that’s truly inspiring. What a gift to learn from each other! Join Amy Groeschel and Jenn Jewell for a chat with Michelle at The Messy Table.

Listen HERE.


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