Everyday heroes. They sometimes fly under the radar and often avoid recognition, but if you’re willing to take a closer look, you’ll find them—serving on the fringes and fighting for what matters.

Jesus, of course, is our ultimate Hero. But He’s dispatched an army of everyday heroes to flood the darkness with light. And Dr. Deb Shropshire—a seasoned pediatrician and the Director of Child Welfare for the state of Oklahoma—is a stunning blaze of brilliance.

“We all can help, but we all need help at different times in our lives.”  —Dr. Deb Shropshire

In today’s episode at The Messy Table, Dr. Deb is chatting with Jenn Jewell and Kendra Golden about:

  • The science behind childhood trauma
  • The impact of everyday heroes
  • The value of asking bigger questions
  • The power of praying bigger prayers
  • The real lives behind foster care
  • The ties that connect us all

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The Fostering Hope Bible Plan by Dr. Deb Shropshire

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How Every Christian Can Immediately Help with Foster Care by Dr. Deb Shropshire

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