Would you believe that today marks the grand-finale episode at The Messy Table for 2020?! While simultaneously encapsulating the undeniable theme of the season: WAITING ON GOD.

[Yes, we’ll be taking a brief break for the month of December—to focus on the miracle of Christmas. But don’t worry! That gives you plenty of time to catch this beautifully profound conversation, as well as any others you might’ve missed.]

So, get ready. Adrienne Bley is overflowing with empathy, encouragement, and truth. She’s a wife, mama, deep thinker, warm soul, and down-to-earth follower of Jesus who, with longing in one hand and tender confidence in the other, knows what it’s like to hold dual emotions.

“God’s faithfulness doesn’t henge on the gift that you’re seeking; His faithfulness is constant.”  Adrienne Bley

While Adrienne’s story involves waiting on (while also pursuing) a child, we’re all waiting on (while also pursuing) our Savior. No matter your situation, this is the timely reminder we need. We’d love for you to join us at The Messy Table!


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