17 02, 2017

Breaking the Assembly Line

By |2017-02-17T12:40:53+00:00February 17th, 2017|Inspiration|

Sometimes life feels less like a daring adventure and more like an assembly line. Wash the clothes. Pack the lunches. Make the deadline. Gas the car. Ride the treadmill. Scratch the to-do list. Buy the groceries. Wrangle the inbox. Change [...]

24 01, 2017

Aiming For What Matters

By |2017-01-24T06:40:12+00:00January 24th, 2017|Inspiration|

It’s a new year—with new dreams, new challenges, and (like it or not) a new president. As we approach the end of January my gym is still decently full, which I happen to find bittersweet (sweet because people are taking [...]

3 11, 2016

For the Love of Underdogs

By |2016-11-03T14:08:08+00:00November 3rd, 2016|Inspiration|

Everybody loves a good underdog story. Where a comeback of epic proportions takes place, leaving everyone shocked and ecstatic and jumping up and down in bleachers and on couch cushions. This type of underdog victory happened last night when the [...]

15 09, 2016

Don’t Do Nothing

By |2016-09-15T04:58:31+00:00September 15th, 2016|Inspiration|

How wild would it be if someone handed you a million dollars to invest, but you buried it instead? How silly would it be if you took a bucketful of seeds for the garden, but decided to see how they would flourish in the [...]

25 04, 2016

He Started It

By |2016-04-25T14:36:22+00:00April 25th, 2016|Inspiration|

Hey you! Yes you on the other side of this screen. You with the coffee mug, taking a break from “the real world” by scrolling through social media. I was just wondering... Would you consider yourself creative? Maybe an artist [...]

24 03, 2016

Face the Storm

By |2016-03-24T13:51:19+00:00March 24th, 2016|Inspiration|

Ah, Spring Break. A reason to strap your kids in the car and listen to them repeatedly ask the universal question… Are we there yet? My husband and I seized the opportunity (and low gas prices) and headed toward the mountains for some [...]

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