How wild would it be if someone handed you a million dollars to invest, but you buried it instead?

How silly would it be if you took a bucketful of seeds for the garden, but decided to see how they would flourish in the attic?

How ridiculous would it be if God gave us countless resources to help and love and encourage and point to His magnificence, but we were just so busy, so distracted, so—meh that we never got around to it?

Jesus told a story about three guys. (You can read it right here in the Best Book Ever).

In a nutshell, a successful man goes on a long trip and leaves three employees in charge of his cash. One guy is given five bags of money, another two bags, and another one bag. When the man gets back, he learns that the guys with five and two bags invested the money and doubled his wealth. But the guy with only one bag hid the money—where he thought it’d be safe and sound. Not only was owner disappointed, taking the lonely bag and giving it to the guy who’d already invested wisely, but also used the words lazy and wicked.

“To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But for those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.” (Matthew 25:29)

With this story at the top of our minds, here’s my question: What are we doing with the time, resources, abilities, talents, and opportunities He’s put into our hands? Are we investing them well? Barely? Not at all? Are we allowing Him to fill us so that our lives might overflow and be completely wrung out because of His hard-to-describe but easy-to-love love? Or are we simply burying what we have and sitting on our gifts—hoping God will understand our good excuses?

We aren’t saved by good works, of course—only by grace through faith. But we will all stand before God on that day that’s been etched into eternity even before the world began, to give an account of how we’ve spent (or wasted) our lives.

There’s a time to rest and a time to GET AFTER IT.

As we pursue obedience to make His name known, we MUST REMEMBER that He is the sole giver. He is the one who’s put the very breath we’re breathing into our lungs. He dropped you here at this particular time in history. He gave you your passions, personality, and potential.

He was, is, and will always be the beginning (and end) of ALL.

We often spend gobs of energy wondering, “God, what do you want me to do with my life?” But Jesus is gently whispering, JUST ENGAGE WHAT I ALREADY PUT INTO YOUR HANDS. Use what you have. Shake what you got. Get creative where you are. Use the brain I gave you. And don’t be afraid, because I will be with you! When you are faithful with little, I know you will be faithful with much.

We are resourced by the original source who was already on the scene. We are mere messengers, distributors, investors, planters, sowers, and seed-scatterers.

So what is that thing you’ve always wanted to do? That thing that compels you? That thing you keep buried inside of your heart?

You should move on it. And I’m serious.  

Maybe you’re scared. He’s not going anywhere. Maybe you’re tired. He is your strength. Maybe you feel silly. Better to be a fool for Him. Maybe you’re small. But He is mighty.  

Even if your contribution is invisible to others, it’s visible to God. Your prayers matter. Your tiny act of obedience matters. Your open arms to someone who can’t say thank you matters. It all matters! We weren’t called to keep to ourselves. So invest wisely—remembering that God in you is the greatest gift you could offer the world.

Just, please, don’t do nothing.

Don’t waste your one and only life.