Mamas! (Biological! Adoptive! Foster!) Grandmothers! Aunts! Teachers! Pastors! Mentors! Babysitters! Basically, if you interact with kids, LISTEN UP.

Julie Richard, the humble and hilarious mastermind behind the ministry Fearless Mom, is joining Cindy Beall and me for a chat at The Messy Table. In this episode (number 50, y’all!), Julie is sharing her perspective on raising children, as well as answering some of our looming questions, like: How do we prepare our kids for adulthood? How do we discipline in practical, productive ways? How do we handle the fiery ones—those sometimes referred to as strong-willed children? Julie’s offering us a GOLD MINE of parenting wisdom.

Raising up the next generation is no walk in the park, but it is sacred and significant and so very worth it. So grab your coffee, pull up a chair, and join us!


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