No need for coffee today, friends—our favorite Aussie is in the house! When Christine Caine was recently in town pouring wisdom into our Life.Church staff + spouses, as well as speaking to our entire church, Amy Groeschel and I got to steal her away for a face-to-face chat at The Messy Table.

Y’ALL. If you want some tools to help you LIVE UNASHAMED from guilt + condemnation, if you want permission to RUN UNAPOLOGETICALLY into your God-given purpose—this episode is for you! Note: Exclusive confessions and book-giveaway details are toward the end, so don’t sell yourself short.

We’re so grateful for the integrity, humility, and perseverance of both Chris and Nick. We’re thankful for their ministries: A21, Propel Women, Zoe Church. I’ve already submitted a request to be their neighbor in heaven. We know you’ll be so blessed by this episode, so pull up a chair and join us!


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Books: Unexpected | Unshakeable | Unashamed | Unstoppable | Undaunted

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