Hello hello! It’s a great day to be at The Messy Table, y’all. So grab (or reheat) your coffee and pull up a chair. No matter what trenches you’re climbing out of today, know that you are welcome in this space.

It is my complete HONOR to introduce you to my guest for Episode #11. Cindy Beall is not only a one-of-a-kind woman and Jesus-follower and mentor and friend, but she’s also a legit author, speaker, pastor’s wife, homeschooling mama, and voice of hope to struggling marriages all over the globe. Even more, she loves with everything she has and is as real as they come.

Cindy knows what it’s like to rebuild—a house, after watching it burn to the ground; a marriage, after waking up to her worst nightmare. She and her husband, Chris, have bravely chosen to share their darkest hour with the world, knowing that God is a God who RESTORES. With Him as their rock, they have rebuilt a life on the foundation that never moves.

Whether you’ve already tied the knot or desire to have a godly marriage one day. Whether your relationship could use a tune-up or a complete renovation. THERE IS WISDOM AND REDEMPTION TO BE FOUND. I’m constantly in need of both and maybe you are too, so pop in those earbuds and join us!


*GIVEAWAY!* I have a FREE COPY of Cindy’s book, Rebuilding a Marriage Better Than New, to give away! Simply share this episode on social media (tag me, so I’ll know) and you’ll be entered in a drawing. I’ll announce the winner next week!

Cindy’s books: Healing Your Marriage When Trust is Broken | Rebuilding a Marriage Better Than New

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