Are you tired of chasing the wind? Ready to cut the distractions? Willing to abandon what’s meaningless to pursue what actually matters? Us too.

Today at The Messy Table Podcast, Amy Groeschel and Jenn Jewell are chatting with Gina England—a wife, mama, homeschooling guru, and Bible teacher, who shares, “I’ve got one shot in this life and I cannot be distracted.”

“I’ve got one shot in this life and I cannot be distracted.”  —Gina England

In this episode, Gina is unpacking two opposing perspectives, filtered through a gamut of life experiences. From processing her parents’ divorce as a child to initially resisting the “s” word (submission) in marriage, to navigating a severe concussion and fighting off modern-day idols and learning through everyday mess. In each situation, she had a choice. And guess what? We do too.

We can focus on the mess or we can focus on God. Don’t miss this powerful conversation at The Messy Table!


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Breaking Free (Bible Study Book) by Beth Moore

Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin

Philippians 3:8 | Ecclesiastes 1:14 | Matthew 22:37 | Deuteronomy 30:19


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