Long before a global pandemic, before this hyper-intense political climate, before world-wide anxiety was pounding in our ears, before receiving some personally devastating news, Shelly Miller was etching timeless words onto the pages of her new book, Searching for Certainty.

Today’s episode at The Messy Table isn’t highlighting a story from the past, but one that’s unfolding in real time, right now. In recent weeks, doctors have given Shelly the heart-wrenching prognosis of terminal cancer —12 fleeting months to live.

Just typing such news leaves me undone. What I would give to be tromping around Italy again with this gorgeous soul! (See: #tuscanywritersretreat.) And though we’ll continue to PLEAD for a miracle, we are, once again, faced with our own mortality. We are, once again, challenged to surrender our own precious plans.

Yet, even here, hope can be found.

“If we can turn our hearts and minds towards Him during times of uncertainty, there is an abundance of good waiting for us there.”  Shelly Miller

Shelly’s compelling book—Searching for Certainty—launches TODAY, smack in the middle of this wildly unsettled season. And the irony of such timing is not lost on her. In fact, I asked if she’d rather cancel our recording, but she insisted. She insisted on living out her hope and clinging to her Savior with every breath she’s got.

If you’ve found yourself searching for God in the (many) disruptions of life, we want to invite you to join us at The Messy Table.


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