When you’re not okay, where do you turn? When you’re not okay, can you dare to admit it? When you’re not okay, it’s okay—but you don’t have to stay that way.

Today’s guest at The Messy Table is the beautiful and talented Lydia Laird—a Jesus follower, music maker, and mental health advocate who grew up as a pastor’s kid, missionary’s kid, and one of ten siblings.

Despite being a gifted singer-songwriter and having a loving family, Lydia still knows what it feels like to struggle—to not be okay. And because she’s been there, she is armed with some powerful truths:

  • “Sometimes the strongest thing you can do is ask for help.”
  • “Life is a tension, and Jesus sits in that tension with us.”
  • “Our feelings do not always tell us the truth, but our faith tells us that we can trust God.”
  • “I’ll tell you, there is power in worship. If you sing when you’re depressed, things change.”
  • “God takes what the enemy means for evil and He turns it into good.”

If you could use an extra dose of encouragement or simply an understanding voice, join Amy Groeschel and Jenn Jewell for a chat with Lydia at The Messy Table Podcast.

Listen HERE.



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