Some seasons are harder than others. Have you been there? Are you currently there? Maybe it’s not one massive thing (or maybe it is), but you’ve found yourself feeling discouraged, disheartened, or simply down.

Being human can be hard, living on this earth can be messy, and navigating this good-yet-fallen world can be incredibly overwhelming. But today’s guest at The Messy Table understands such tension, offering real-time encouragement from the hard + holy trenches of motherhood and ministry.

Ashley Robbins is wife to Shay—who’s a Director at Kanakuk Kamps (a Christian summer camp in Missouri), mama to six awesome kiddos ranging from teens to toddlers, and a woman of God who pours herself out both at home and at kamp–serving as the K-2 Director of Operations during summer months.

“Nothing about a hard season is new to the Father, who knows all about the season you’re in.”  Ashley Robbins

If, like Ashley, you’ve wondered, “Lord, how do I not lose heart–that You have overcome all this?” If you could use an understanding voice, truth-filled reminders, or a gentle nudge of encouragement, join Jenn Jewell and Ashley Robbins at The Messy Table Podcast.

Listen HERE.



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