Though we each have uniquely individual journeys, there’s still so much that’s universal—joys and struggles and the curious provision of God. And today’s guest at The Messy Table Podcast exemplifies no exception…

“Kate” is a physician assistant, doctor’s wife, and homeschooling mama of 4 who’s currently serving alongside her family as missionaries in the mountains of Southeast Asia.

[Disclaimers: Kate’s full name and exact location have been concealed due to recent turmoil within her country. Also, the sound quality isn’t as clear as usual, but we were so thankful the internet held!]

In this episode, Kate is sharing about:

  • Actively waiting during seasons of preparation
  • Learning to trust God as Defender
  • Navigating the complexities of relational conflict
  • Fighting fear and anxiety with truth
  • Recalling God’s delight over His creation (which, yes, includes us!)
  • Bonus:  Lessons on bucket-bathing at the local well 🙂

While Jesus called His followers to “go and make disciples,” Kate also reminds us that…

“He has to train our hands for war and equip us to do the things He’s asked us to do.”

If you’ve ever stumbled into foreign territory (literally or metaphorically), felt slandered or misunderstood, or wondered if God really sees you in your mess, we’d love for you to join us at The Messy Table!

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