Imagine you’re reclining on a velvet couch with a fluffy pillow under your neck while a professional helps you untangle the complexities swirling through your mind. Well, guess what? It doesn’t have to be a dream! (Just use your own couch.)

Robin May is a seasoned wife, girl-mom of three, church leader, licensed mental health therapist, certified life coach, and an author/speaker who’s passionate about:

  • Helping others learn to pause and pay attention to their life
  • Exposing the lies we often believe while simultaneously replacing them with Truth
  • Refusing to live on “isolation island” and choosing intentional community
  • Showing married couples how to get out (and stay out) of the roommate zone
  • Distinguishing self-care from soul-care, and the value of checking in on your mental health
  • Recognizing the power of God’s provision and remembering His promises

In this episode at The Messy Table, Robin says, “Step away from the chaos of your life and attend to your soul.”

“Step away from the chaos of your life and attend to your soul.”  —Robin May

This conversation is not only practical, but also chock-full of inspiration, encouragement, and grace. Join us!

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