26 02, 2016

To the Mom Who Feels Invisible

By |2016-02-26T10:21:49+00:00February 26th, 2016|Motherhood|

For the next time someone asks me what I do, I’ve prepared a fresh response... “I am a professional wiper,” I can say and even nod simultaneously. After all, I wipe countertops and salty tears and jelly-smudged faces and milk-splattered [...]

24 02, 2016

When Life Surprises You

By |2016-02-24T12:43:46+00:00February 24th, 2016|Faith|

Life is full of surprises. Some good, some not-so-good. A surprise visit from your out-of-town best friend? Good surprise. A surprise twenty-dollar bill in your back pocket? Good surprise. A surprise pregnancy after years of trying? Good surprise. But the not-so-good surprises [...]

22 02, 2016

The Reason I Write

By |2016-02-22T13:35:31+00:00February 22nd, 2016|Writing|

I’ve always had a thing for words. As a scrawny, white-headed third grader I published my very own book. Sure, “Jennifer’s Magic Mystery” was certainly mysterious (for lack of a better word) and only made possible because of a make-your-own-stuff-and-send-it-off company. But it [...]

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