It feels crowded, doesn’t it? The stores. The calendar. Our hearts. Even before stepping one foot into December, we’re already overwhelmed.

In this 5-Day Bible Plan on the YouVersion Bible App, we’re intentionally making room—with our minds, relationships, time, bodies, and resources—to remember Christmas.

It’s not only the perfect opportunity to align your perspective with God’s as we run into the busy Christmas season, but it’s even better with friends! Tell your small group, your co-workers, your family, your best girlfriends—your tribe! LET’S READ THE BIBLE TOGETHER.

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to Cindy Beall, Divina Bruss, Ashley Armstrong, Andra PinkstonJenn Jewell, and The Messy Table Podcast for prayerfully piecing together the content for this plan, Leanna Romoser for the pretty image, and the YouVersion Team for helping people all over the world engage in God’s Word.

It’s LIVE! Remembering Christmas: A 5-Day Bible Plan from The Messy Table Podcast